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Awards & Nominations

As Author (Complete short story bibliography further down):


"Good With Directions"

Preliminary nomination for Edgar Award (Mystery Writers of America) for Best Short Story, 2006

- originally published in Futures Mystery Anthology, May 2006



"I Have To Go Now"

Writer's Post Journal's "Best of 2005" Collection, Feb. 2006

- originally published Feb. 2005



"Clyde's Hide"

Runner-up, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

- October 2005 Mysterious Photo/Story Contest

1st Place - Lynx Eye's 8th Annual

Captivating Beginnings Contest               

-  May 2004



"Reality Check On Register Two"

StorySouth's Year's Notable Stories, 2004

- originally published in Pindeldyboz, Jan. 2004



"Of Love And Leather Flight Jackets"

#1 Rated story on Zoetrope.com

- November 2003

As Editor of InterGalactic Medicine Show:

"Explaining Chthullu to Grandma" by Alex Shvartsman
Winner, 2014 WSFA Small Press Award, Best Short Story

"The Absence of Stars" by Greg Siewert

Winner, 2009 WSFA Small Press Award, Best Short Story

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(These stories are both included in my collection, The Trouble With Eating Clouds from Spotlight Publishing)

"A Mid-Winter's Hydro-Engineering Project"


     Chances are the intro to this story will be longer than the story itself.  Suffice it to say that the Canadian-based magazine NFG held a contest for each issue to see who could write the best complete story in exactly 69 words.  Hence the contest's title, The Great 69'er Contest.  I liked the challenge and wrote a couple.  This is the first, which appeared in NFG in August 2004. 

     (Intro (not including this little note), exactly 69 words.  See, having OCD can be fun.)



A Mid-Winter's Hydro-Engineering Project



     "By my calculations, the structural integrity of this thing has become seriously compromised," Billy said.

     Freddie glanced at him.  "Naturally.  The cohesiveness of any crystalline-based structure with a mass-to-weight ratio like this is going to be suspect."

     Watching from inside the house, their mother shook her head as the boy's four-foot snowball collapsed under its own weight.  She looked at her husband and sighed.  "They grow up so fast."


The End




"A Solid Deal"


     Another 69'er, published by NFG in July of 2005.  The idea for this one came to me while I was reading for an upcoming family trip to Italy. 




A Solid Deal



         Constantino eyed the devil.  "We're agreed?"


"Absolutely," said Lucifer.  "I get my usual fee; you get this enchanted pouch of gemstones.  As long as you hold it, it will never possess less than twenty perfect gems and I guarantee you'll hold it for over 2,000 years."

Constantino grinned, accepting Lucifer's handshake.  "I'm going to be the richest man in Italy."

The devil smirked.  "Or at least Pompeii."

Vesuvius rumbled.


             The End



Published and Forthcoming Books, Short Stories, Articles & Essays


Much of my work is published in print magazines, but where possible, I've provided links to those items that are available on-line. Stories in BLUE are included in my short story collection, The Trouble With Eating Clouds.




IGMS Big Books of SF Novelettes - story collection (editor), Hatrack Publishing, January

SF & F:

"A Little Trouble Dying" - InterGalactic Medicine Show, March, www.oscigms.com

"Feels Like Justice to Me" - Big Bad 2 (anthology), forthcoming, Dark Oak Press


SF & F:

"Tangible Progress" - InterGalactic Medicine Show, September, www.oscigms.com

"InterGalactic Interview with Faith Hunter" - InterGalactic Medicine Show, Sept.

"Mean-Spirited" - Writers For Relief - (anthology), October (reprint)



InterGalactic Medicine Show Awards Anthology - short-story collection (contributing editor), Spotlight Publishing, January



The Trouble With Eating Clouds - short-story collection, Spotlight Publishing, July

How To Write Magical Words: A Writer's Companion - non-fiction (contributing editor), Bella Rosa Books, January

Science Fiction & Contemporary Fantasy (think Twilight Zone):

"Breakout" - InterGalactic Medicine Show, February, www.oscigms.com

"Breakout" - InterGalactic Medicine Show (as an audio story), February


SF & F:

"Mean-Spirited" - InterGalactic Medicine Show, January, www.oscigms.com

"Mean-Spirited" - InterGalactic Medicine Show (as an audio story), January




InterGalactic Medicine Show - anthology (co-editor), Tor, August

Dreaming Creek - a novel, Lachesis/LBF Books, October



SF & F:

"About Time"From The Asylum, Year 3 (anthology), July (reprint)

"Lair of The Ice Rat" - Crypto-Critters II (anthology), July

"Jeannie In A Bottle" - Outer Darkness, (reprint)

Articles & Essays:

"Deathrealm Revisited: An Interview With Stephen Mark Rainey" - The Horror Library, January

"Deathrealm Revisited: An Interview With Stephen Mark Rainey" - Dark Recesses, , April (reprint)

"InterGalactic Interview with Peter S. Beagle" - Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show, July



SF & F:

"The River Is Forever" - The Mechanized Muse (as an audio file), February (reprint) www.MechMuse.com

"Weird Omelets" - Beyond Centauri, April


"Good With Directions" - Futures Mystery Anthology, May (as one of this issue's 'Featured Authors'; prelim. nominee for Edgar Award for Best Short Story)

"Samantha" - The Horror Library, October (reprint)

Articles & Essays:

"The Best Vampire Novels Ever. Period." - The Horror Library, June

"An Interview With Bruce Gehweiler, Owner, Publisher and Editor of Marieta Publishing" - The Horror Library, July

"Inside The Horror Writer's Association Mentoring Program: An Interview With Steve Savile" - The Horror Library, August

"Plot-Mate" - The Horror Library, August

"Inside The Horror Writer's Association Mentoring Program: An Interview With Steve Savile" - Dark Recesses, October (reprint)

"Inside The Horror Writer's Association Mentoring Program: An Interview With Steve Savile" - permanently added to the HWA website, October  http://www.horror.org/article-mentoring.htm

"The Best Vampire Novels Ever. Period." - Dark Recesses, December (reprint)

Other (fiction):

"I Have To Go Now" - Writer's Post Journal - Year's Best, 2005, Feb. (reprint)


SF & F:

"Losing It" - Outer Darkness, May

"A Solid Deal" - NFG, July

"Trill and the Beanstalk" -  Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, Oct. www.InterGalacticMedicineShow.com

"Just A Piece of String" - Writer's Post Journal, October

"About Time" - From The Asylum (on-line) October                                                                                                   

"The Last HammerSong" - AlienSkin, October/November


"Legwork"Hardboiled, Summer (20th Anniv. issue)

Articles & Essays:

"Writing The Breakout Novel by Donald Maass- Book review" Gator Springs Gazette, March

"Lessons in Chess and Life" - Writer's Post Journal, July

"Highlands And Baths (Counties, that is...)" - Writer's Post Journal, August

"History's Literary Perspective" - Writer's Post Journal

Other (fiction):

"I Have To Go Now" - Writer's Post Journal, February


SF & F:

"Fourth and Goal" - Dark Energy SF, March

"Heather's Flight" - Worlds Of Wonder, April (reprint)

"Jeannie In A Bottle" - Fusing Horizons, May (British publication)

"Unfathomed" - Lynx Eye, May (This story also won First Prize in Lynx Eye's 8th Annual Captivating Beginnings Contest)

"The River Is Forever" - Nostalgia Magazine, June

"I Am The Wizard" - Revelations, June

"The Trouble With Eating Clouds" - Beyond Centauri, October

"Never Too Late Anymore" - Twilight Times, October http://www.twilighttimes.com/oct04/e_Schubert26.html

"The River Is Forever" - Writer’s Post Journal, November (reprint)


"Buy Four, Get One Free" - Futures Mysterious Anthology, January

"Samantha" - Futures Mysterious Anthology, April

Articles & Essays:

"Chaos Theory" - Writer's Post Journal, May

"Writer's Party Secrets" - Writer's Post Journal June (reprinted on this web-site in the "On Writing" section)  http://www.edmundrschubert.com/onwriting.htm

"Experiencing A Story" - National Writer's Association, July (reprinted on this web-site in the "On Writing" section (see link above))

"Character & Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card - Book review" Gator Springs Gazette, Sept. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/fandango.virtual/gator/wmt_page_23.htm

Other (fiction):

"Reality Check on Register Two" - Pindeldyboz, Jan. (this story also made StorySouth's list of Notable Stories of 2004) http://www.pindeldyboz.com/escheck.htm

"The Final Exam" - Writer's Post Journal, Aug. (an early draft of chapter one of my novel, Dreaming Creek)

"A Mid-Winter’s Hydro-Engineering Project" - NFG, August

"Splitting Wood" - Storyteller, December


SF & F:

"Climbing Clouds Again" - Bewildering Stories, October

"Heather's Flight" - Word Works Anthology, November

"Climbing Clouds Again" - Dream Forge, December (reprint)



"Nothing Interesting To Do"Futures Mysterious Anthology, January