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Dreaming Creek - A Novel

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A mystery with a Twilight-Zone twist...

High school teacher Danny Wakeman has spent sixteen years believing that his childhood friend, Marcus Gaines, saved his life after an accident. But Danny's perspective on the world gets turned inside-out when he and the woman he wants to marry, Sara McBride, drink from the mystical waters of Dreaming Creek, trade bodies, and get stuck that way...

Trapped in each others' bodies, struggling to fit in to each others' lives, Danny and Sara will have to pull together to overcome a perplexing lawsuit, a plot to defraud Danny out of his recently deceased parent's farm, and an attempted rape—all of which ultimately prove to bear Marcus's sinister fingerprints. And before it's over, Danny will discover that this pattern of treachery and violence goes all the way back to his supposed accident, which Marcus designed to cover up an even blacker secret...


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About Dreaming Creek, SFRevu.com wrote:

"Schubert's writing style is almost thriller-like in its clarity and the short chapters make for quick reading. He does not bog down with detail, nor does he attempt to hammer the reader over the head with his own social observations. It appears, in fact, that he quite simply put the characters on the page and let them do their thing, allowing the reader to draw what conclusions they might. I imagine that's a hard thing to do, but Schubert does it quite well. If I hadn't researched and found out that [Dreaming Creek] was his first novel I would have thought him an old pro. He certainly writes like one."