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Like any writer who's been at it for a while, I've gotten my fair share of rejections (and, apparently, the fair share of rejections for seventeen other writers, too).  But I also keep a file on my harddrive of comments from editors and readers  that I call "Feel Better Now?" For me, these trump any rejection letter.


"...a dazzling original piece, just the kind of thing I'm looking to put out."

- Gary Fry, editor, Fusing Horizons


"I loved your story. Seldom read them, had to do that here for some reason. Loved it."

- Babs Lakey, publisher, Futures Mysterious Anthology


"Ed, You rock. I loved this piece. I want to put it in November... ""

- Jackie Druga-Marchetti, publisher & editor, Writer’s Post Journal


"Here's a story with real heart."

- Gary Lovisi, editor, Hardboiled magazine


"Lately I've started to read a lot of stories and found myself getting stuck around the second or third paragraph, then checking the end to see how much I have left. With The River is Forever, I found myself fearing that I would glance at the end by mistake and spoil it."

- Sean Dent, Senior Continuity Editor, NFG


"It certainly isn’t your typical SF or Fantasy story, it has many of the qualities of literary fiction, rocket-packs notwithstanding."

- Allen Wold, author of nine published novels


"In some ways I’m reminded of the old Alfred Hitchcock TV show, in that your stories require a little thinking to appreciate. I thought the ending was perfect for the character and his situation."

- Allen Wold


"The end of this actually sped up my heart rate a little bit, but I'm a sucker for old-time Bradbury style yarns."

- Thomas Bauer


 "The kind of read that had I come across it in a bookstore I would look for your name again. I hope you have 14 more of these so that I can."

– Carol F. Clark


"What a perfect little gem of a story. ...stories like this are the reason I read."

- Cecile Duccio


"It always amazes me how you find that tweak or twitch of word or nuance that just NAILS the secondary meaning."

- Linda Donovan, Exec. Director, To Write Well


"Your character, Simon, is wonderfully human -- strong and frail, full of hope and dust in his mouth."

- Linda Donovan 


"...you have a talent for slipping details in little by little so that the entire story evolves as a reader reads. Not only does it make the reading pleasurable, but as a writer I can see the skill inherent in that."

- Thea Atkinson


"(This story) is gorgeous in so many ways - fantastic writing, memorable characters, a plot that is somehow complex and simple at the same time (how on earth did you do that?)"

- Ann Walters


"You're a natural storyteller, Ed. And have proved that there can be horror even in the insignificant..."

- Eric Stark


"...the majority are travelling in Tourist Class. It seems to me that you and your writing are already firmly established in First Class."

- Russell Bittner


"Ed, once again you have created a story with great writing and a unique concept (I dare anyone to ever give you a low score on originality!)."

– Kim Lewis


"I had to read "Nothing Interesting" (I owed it to myself to be entertained again) and am glad I did. Once again, you did not disappoint."

- Kim Lewis


"One thing I've noticed with some of the stories I've read; the authors seem to get wrapped up in the 'literary' aspects of their writing and forget to tell a story. You, however, are a storyteller!"

- Shirley Damsgaard


"Mr. Schubert, this is obscenely good ... "

- Brian James Vander Kamp


"I wish more people wrote with some freaking guts the way you do."

- Van Allen



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