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IGMS is an online, subscription-based magazine founded and first published by Orson Scott Card in Oct. 2005. It features science fiction and fantasy stories, illustrations, audio stories, interviews, and reviews of books, movies, comics, and computer games. Ed Schubert became the full-time fiction editor in June of 2006.

In 2008 Tor published an trade paperback anthology of stories originally published in InterGalactic Medicine Show, collecting stories from the first two years of the magazine. This anthology is co-edited by Orson Scott Card and Edmund R. Schubert and contains four Ender Universe stories by OSC, as well as tales by David Farland, Tim Pratt, James Maxey, Eric James Stone and others. Available in major bookstores, or on Amazon.com. The print anthology was followed by an unabridged (10 CD) audio anthology from Blackstone Audio (BlackstoneAudio.com) In 2011, Spotlight Publishing published the first InterGalactic Medicine Show Awards Anthology, featuring the winners of the 2010 IGMS Reader's poll. First prize winner Peter Beagle is joined by an assortment of talented writers representing the very best of IGMS.

Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show can be found at: www.InterGalacticMedicineShow.com or www.oscIGMS.com

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June, 2006: Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show Welcomes

New Editor, Edmund R. Schubert



Orson Scott Card is pleased to announce that Mr. Edmund R. Schubert has joined the staff of InterGalactic Medicine Show as the magazine's new editor. He will assume responsibility for selecting the stories that will appear in IGMS, beginning immediately.


Schubert's story, "Trill and the Beanstalk," appeared in the first issue of IGMS, and he has had over thirty short stories published in a variety of other magazines and anthologies. In addition to his fiction writing, he is also executive editor of the business magazine, North Carolina Career Network, and is excited about this opportunity to bring his editing experience together with his love of great speculative fiction.


Card says: "I'm familiar with Edmund's work, both as a writer and an editor, and have complete faith in his ability to do great things with the magazine. InterGalactic Medicine Show is a project I have a lot of passion for - if not a lot of time - and I put it in his hands expecting nothing but the very best."


The first issue of IGMS edited by Schubert will be out the first week of October, 2006.


Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show is an on-line science fiction and fantasy magazine showcasing great speculative fiction from new and established writers. It is available at www.InterGalacticMedicineShow.com



Schubert can be reached at IGMSEditor(at)yahoo(dot)com 


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please do not submit any stories directly to Edmund as they will be deleted unread. All submissions for IGMS should be submitted through the IGMS website submissions page: http://www.intergalacticmedicineshow.com/cgi-bin/mag.cgi?do=content&article=submissions

About the Ed-itor:


I am a throwback.

I carry a pocket watch. I love to sit on the back porch and drink a beer while listening to baseball on the radio. I don't even have cable television.

And I believe stories should have plots.

I realize that's not very modern; many of today's stories are about style and voice; symbolism and mood; angst. Don't get me wrong, all of those things are great elements of a story, but if you want my attention, something has to happen; angst alone ain't gonna cut it.

I read a "story" once in some university's literary magazine; the main character drove down the road talking to his daughter and another passenger until the vehicle broke down and had to be abandoned. Before stalking off into the night, the driver kicked in the car's headlights.

That's not a story. That's a guy who knows nothing about car maintenance chatting with family and friends until his ignorance manifests itself in an unpleasant fashion. Even the description of it is painful to read. I wanted to find the editor of that magazine and kick in his headlights for wasting my time.

Me? I like stories with plots. Especially twisted ones. With great characters driving those plots. Characters with life and zest and attitude.

And a story doesn't necessarily have to have an ending; some of the best short stories lead you straight to the edge of a cliff and then leave you there, alone, dangling, clinging to the roots of that tree growing just beyond the forever. I love that. If the story drags me by the heels to the precipice and then pushes me over, sending me hurtling through space to the rocky shores below, so much the better; the important thing is that there was action. Direction. Motion. With real consequences for real characters. That's the kind of story I like to read. That's the kind of story I think should be published. 

With some stories, it's impossible to know where you'll end up next; some don't have an ending; some are just plain impossible. Occasionally, just to keep you off balance, I'll even throw in a happy ending. But they'll all have one thing in common: my promise to you that something is going to happen.

If you want to know what though, you'll have to come over here. That's it; just a little closer. Right here, just beyond the edge of this cliff...

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